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Grand & Successful Celebration of Festival of Colours – Rang Barse

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President Dr. Sunila Shrivastava introducing Mr. Steve Dimopoulos MP “Festival of Colours -Rang Barse (Dry colours)” on Sunday 27 March 2016 at Princes Highway Reserve, located at 1656 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh, was attended by nearly 5,000 people during 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM. It was culmination of months and months of planning and dedicated efforts […]

Ending family violence in culturally diverse Australia

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Violence in the family is not a cultural thing, but all cultures have different ways of addressing it. What might be suitable for an Anglo population may not be appropriate for other cultural groups. Understanding cultural nuances and having differentiation in approaches to family violence is therefore crucial to ending it in all Australian homes. […]


by Sankat Mochan Samiti

Sankat Mochan Samiti Inc. (SMS) recognizes and committed to work towards early prevention and intervention and ultimately the eradication of family violence. Our members have been providing family related counseling and support services to the community for more than 3 decades. In 2008 SMS was established to provide ‘Physical, Moral and Spiritual’ support to individual, […]


by Sankat Mochan Samiti

HANUMAN CHALISA Arvind Shrivastava We often hear people say “Pray and you can achieve anything”. When we encounter the extreme situations, where all the wealth of the world cannot buy us a relief, health, power and strength cannot assist, and wisdom cannot provide any solutions, then only elucidation left for us is – to pray. […]

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